Our juice

First and foremost, our juice is always raw. It is never ever heated, treated, or pasteurized in any way. When we say our juice is fresh.....it was made within 24 hours of being sold. If juice is being sold on a shelf on a store, it's not fresh! Many cold pressed juice companies make the switch from raw to pasteurizing/HPP their juice so that they can wholesale to grocery stores and co-ops. We are not saying this makes the juice bad, but we are saying that we don't consider anything that can sit on a shelf for a month to be fresh. 

Maintaining our raw status means we can only sell direct to consumers. But thats what we love to do anyway. You will never find us on a shelf because we believe in the beauty of raw juice. Not to mention, we are farmers market obsessed and love spending Saturdays ad Sundays among our areas best farms and favorite customers.

Our juice is thoughtfully sourced. We work closely with several local farms to continually source 60-90 percent (depending on growing season) of our produce from small local farms. We believe in knowing where our food comes from and strive to support other local businesses. And let's be honest, local produce is just better. We know the difference between a carrot commercially farmed 2000 miles away and an organic carrot growing 10 miles away that was in the ground until a minute ago. You can taste that kind of freshness. Many of our local farms are certified organic. Organic produce has a higher nutrient density in addition to other numerous benefits of organic farming.

Our production is responsible. ALL of our juice pulp becomes animal food, fertilizer, or is composted. ALL. Because it is food, and we don't waste food. Really, ask anyone who's peeked inside my fridge. 

Last but certainly not least, our juice is cold pressed. While juicing on a traditional or centrifugal juicer definitely works for juice that is going to be enjoyed right away, cold pressing is the only natural way to extend the life of fresh juice. Because juice is extracted only through pressing (with 18,000 pounds of pressure!) no heat is generated and the result is juice that will not break down nutrient wise for up to as 5 days. We juice on a Goodnature X-1.....and it is a beast.