our roots

In 2014 I began selling fresh pressed juice at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market. 

Getting my start at the Farmers Market has been integral in the development of our business model and ethics. No one works harder than farmers, and we are committed to supporting our local farms in every way we can.

Collar City Cold Pressed is the perfect hybrid of our farm-stand style, local produce loving, earth loving CCHP and the magic of having raw juice available to you every day, instead of just on Saturdays. Although we have grown up a little, we're still hustling down that local produce and bringing it to your closest market, and soon to your doorstep.

Our average juice is 70% local produce. During the Summer this is closer to 80%, while during harsher growing seasons we might be closer to 60%. (Our apples are 100% local year round, and carrots and beets are 80% local year round.) Our philosophy on sourcing for our business comes from how we source our own fridge. As much local and organic as we can buy, and if we can't, the next best thing.